Rasmi and Ruth’s Wedding

Rasmi’s and Ruth’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular. The love that these two had for each other, the love that was shown throughout their entire special day, you couldn’t help but smile at it. The love filled the room!

They got married in England’s quaint countryside and my husband and I had the privilege of documenting the entire day and then kicking up our heels at night as we danced Ceilidh style. I don’t think we’ve been to a funner wedding then this… it was one for the books and so is this couple…

IMG_8273IMG_5171 IMG_5310 IMG_5193 IMG_5371 IMG_5583 IMG_5617 IMG_5707 IMG_5765 IMG_5807 IMG_5891 IMG_5904 IMG_5936  IMG_5954  IMG_6042 IMG_6046  IMG_6098  IMG_6159 IMG_6162   IMG_6036 IMG_6229 IMG_6175  IMG_6157 IMG_6081IMG_6560 IMG_6573 IMG_6584 IMG_6740 IMG_6873 IMG_7027  IMG_7065 IMG_7082 IMG_7099 IMG_7132 IMG_7143 IMG_7173 IMG_7199 IMG_7225 IMG_7250   IMG_7622IMG_7508 IMG_7525   IMG_8521  IMG_8612 IMG_8638 IMG_8643 IMG_8660-1  IMG_8679

Baby Hunter

I photographed little Hunter’s parents last summer, before the big news, so when they contacted me this summer and asked if I would take pictures of their week old baby boy… I was thrilled! Hunter and I got to hang out with his parents in their cute apartment. I brought my mom with me for the shoot, she had never seen me work before, and the entire time she couldn’t stop talking about how adorable he was. I think she talked about him the entire week after too! He was so adorable and I had so much fun photographing him and hanging out with his cool mom and dad.

You can see Hunter’s cool parent’s shoot here Here.

IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1739 IMG_1898 IMG_2008 IMG_2034 IMG_2055 IMG_2177 IMG_2415 IMG_2432 IMG_2551 IMG_2601 IMG_2670 IMG_1716

IMG_2646 IMG_2508 IMG_2465 IMG_2309 IMG_2091  IMG_1977 IMG_1727 IMG_1722 IMG_1713-1  IMG_1754

IMG_2618 IMG_2452 IMG_2164 IMG_2116


Baby Kinsey

Rachel and Bri had their beautiful baby girl, Kinsey, and I was the lucky photographer who got to photograph this little cutie. It was so beautiful to see this little family grow into three and I loved watching how Bri and Rachel just adored her and took care of her, they’re setting a great example and she’s one lucky cookie to have these two as parents.

You can also check out Rachel’s maternity shoot HERE.

IMG_6045 IMG_6057 IMG_6063 IMG_6072 IMG_6089 IMG_6138 IMG_6142 IMG_6167 IMG_6173 IMG_6248 IMG_6590 IMG_6611 IMG_6618 IMG_6641 IMG_6761 IMG_6791  IMG_6820   IMG_6973 IMG_7023

IMG_6046 IMG_6040-1 IMG_6943 IMG_6822   IMG_6186

IMG_6180 IMG_6527 IMG_6485



I’m already going to apologize for not apologizing about how many pictures I’m about to post. This shoot was just too pretty and there’s no such thing (ahem! In my mind) as posting too many pictures.
I love the classic feel this shoot had, I imagine Dani about to attend a dinner party in the 30’s, she’s just so elegant.
In reality we had to struggle threw thistles and overgrown weeds and little prickly cacti like thingies… it was an ordeal! But totally worth every shot of this beautiful girl and her killer outfit.

IMG_2698IMG_2547 IMG_2570 IMG_2623 IMG_2646 IMG_2682  IMG_2718 IMG_2773 IMG_2830-1 IMG_2857 IMG_2886 IMG_2905 IMG_2936




IMG_2971 IMG_2996




Childhood at its best!

Every once in a while I’ll do a shoot that just speaks to my heart.
Sometimes I won’t be able to say exactly what it is about the shoot that speaks to me so much… maybe the perfect lighting, or the chemistry between the couple, maybe every picture has a very evident story it’s telling….
Well, this is one of those shoots for me, I looked over these pictures when I finished and these three cuties just embodied childhood for me. Every shot (I think) is just booming with childhood, the experiences, the fun, the hot days of running around, the curiosity…. I loved that I was able to get it on camera! This is childhood, folks! There it is, for all of us to see, I love it!
Kids have the most fun!

IMG_1852-1 IMG_1906 IMG_1930-1 IMG_1939 IMG_1954 IMG_2015 IMG_2074 IMG_2091-1 IMG_2110 IMG_2127 IMG_2131 IMG_2142 IMG_2162 IMG_2165 IMG_2181-1 IMG_2240-1 IMG_2266 IMG_2302 IMG_2000-1 IMG_1906-1
IMG_2114 IMG_2009 IMG_1915

Bri and Rachel

This lady has got to be one of the coolest, funnest little preggo ladies out there.
I was super excited when Rachel told me she wanted a desert shoot and a flower crown. She asked me if I knew any good places and in reality, we live in the middle of a desert, in the  middle of a city, so no, I didn’t know any place super desert-y. So we decided to be adventurous and on the day of the shoot we started driving south.
I had so much fun shooting Rachel and I absolutely loved her vision for her maternity shoot.

IMG_0969 IMG_0960 IMG_0904 IMG_0883  IMG_0856-1 IMG_0815 IMG_0798 11.56.35 AM IMG_0792 11.56.34 AM IMG_0691 11.56.33 AM IMG_0678 11.56.33 AM IMG_0572 11.56.32 AM IMG_0488 11.56.31 AM IMG_0455 11.56.30 AM IMG_0257 11.56.30 AM IMG_0174 11.56.29 AM IMG_0146 11.56.29 AM

IMG_0782 11.56.34 AM IMG_0564 11.56.31 AM


I’m in love with this shoot… do I say that about every shoot? I really think I do! And I sincerely mean it every single time… whatever shoot I’m working on, that’s the shoot I’m utterly in love with. I love swooning over the story the pictures tell, the beauty each person brings to their shoot and the way the pictures can reflect their personality. So with that being said, I’m currently drooling over Sami’s shoot… cause she’s gorgeous and cool, and oh so photogenic and the type of girl you just want to be with all the time.

Sometimes location scouting in Amman can be difficult, it’s not exactly the most picturesque city in the world, but Sami and I were able to find a pretty little garden where we could get some beautiful portraits, it reminded us of a California mission. (Um, swoon again)

So after grabbing some ice-cream and a little girl chat, we got to work… and let me tell you, it was like working with a model. This girl’s got it all!

IMG_8792  IMG_9035 IMG_8968-1 IMG_8937 IMG_8899 IMG_8865-1IMG_9206IMG_9107






IMG_8838 IMG_9254-1


Haya and Hashem

A month ago I got the wonderfully, beautiful privilege of photographing two of the most beautiful newborns, only a day after their birth.

Haya and Hashem were the most adorable twins I had seen, they were absolutely precious and so fun to photograph. I got to meet these tiny newborns, along with their extended family, in a hospital room in Amman. I immediately felt the love and joy as I entered the room, the family was all so warm and welcoming, so supportive and kind, and everyone was so excited about the newest arrivals. They made me feel at home the moment we arrived and really got us into the celebration swing.

For me it was the first time to really connect with a family over such a  blessed event, I really felt a part of the group. I wasn’t just photographing and positioning these two adorable babies, but I was holding them and admiring them, their grandmother’s showed me how to wrap them and how easy they were to hold and move for photographs. I got to spend time with each family member, talk with them and really just enjoy my time. It was definitely one of my funnest shoots to date!


IMG_6123-1 IMG_6207

IMG_6227 IMG_6231 IMG_6308 IMG_6309 IMG_6350 IMG_6383  IMG_6177 IMG_6535 IMG_6550 IMG_6562  IMG_6121

IMG_6105 IMG_6098 IMG_6489



1 year Anniversary

We’re finally posting it! Look at us go!

Elijah and I couldn’t decide what to do for our 1 year anniversary. Is it a big one? I mean, it’s not like our 25th, or 50th, but 1 year is kinda a milestone within itself right? I’m sure for all you married couples who are going on 2 or 3 months now, your’e like “Yay girl! One year, you two go!” and for those who have been married 50+ years you’re probably grinning and thinking, “Just you wait…”, and trust me, I can’t wait!
But for our one year we wanted to do something cool . We had already traveled to Europe from home and were in the middle of traveling within Europe, so traveling yet again somewhere to celebrate our one year just seemed like A LOT of extra work and neither of us wanted to pack our bags again.  So we decided to celebrate one fantastic year by going down water slides all day long! (And me in a bikini *GASP! No, no, this isn’t because I look awful in a bikini, though I just might, but this is a comment that only those expat friends in the Middle East can understand…. how often does a girl get to wear a bikini?!!?… that within itself was a one year celebration!)

But after the 1000th waterslide we decided we wanted to do one more thing, something that would last a little longer than the memory of who was faster going down the slide.
Elijah and I decided to do our very own one  year photoshoot! We scouted a location, we dressed up, my mom and I made me a flower crown, we drove all around Germany and we took our own pictures. Elijah took pictures of me, I took pictures of him, we took pictures of ourselves. My mom was there to help style the event and my brother was there to click the button on the camera on a couple shots that had to be just right (he actually did an amazing job helping and giving us feedback on how the shots look since he’s not a photographer… he really listened to our instruction though and helped out a lot by being our eyes in some situations)
All in all I’d say it was a total success of our vision and what we wanted to see from our shoot. It took forever and it was challenging to self shoot, but that was part of the fun, we love being photographers and we love all that that entails, even when we flip the camera on ourselves.

So I guess you can say these are the ULTIMATE selfies!
Happy one year anniversary babe (that happened about 3 months ago now… opps!)

IMG_6051 IMG_6154 IMG_6164-1 IMG_6240 IMG_6073 IMG_6090-1 IMG_6212IMG_6252IMG_6288IMG_6292IMG_6380IMG_6427IMG_6506IMG_6609IMG_6504IMG_6432IMG_6583IMG_6614-1IMG_6756





IMG_7280 IMG_7333

Marco and Krissi

When I was in good ol’ Deutschland (Germany) over the summer my good friend Krissi got married to the love of her life, Marco. I was so excited that her wedding date fell on a date I’d be in Germany. Our plans to visit for the summer were last minute and unexpected so it was such a treat to be able to attend her wedding too.
Since it was so last minute though, I really didn’t have time to buy a gift, so I offered to do an engagement shoot for them. Truth be told neither of us had time to do it before the wedding, but a week or two after they were married, right before I was returning to Jordan, we found some time and Elijah and I got to shoot them in their sleepy little village in Germany. It was an overcast day, quite dark and gloomy but I thought it was perfect since Krissi really likes that kind of weather and feel.  You won’t be seeing any golden hour action happening here, but I think everything about this shoot was gorgeous.

So happy for these two monkey’s and this crazy adventure they’re going on together.

IMG_9120-1  IMG_9319-1

IMG_9345-1IMG_9396-1 IMG_9289-1 IMG_9142-1 IMG_9478-1 IMG_8909 IMG_9550-1 IMG_9017 IMG_9019

IMG_8930IMG_8922IMG_9334-2IMG_9550-2 IMG_9621-2 IMG_9411-1 IMG_9347-2IMG_9387-1