Marco and Krissi

When I was in good ol’ Deutschland (Germany) over the summer my good friend Krissi got married to the love of her life, Marco. I was so excited that her wedding date fell on a date I’d be in Germany. Our plans to visit for the summer were last minute and unexpected so it was such a treat to be able to attend her wedding too.
Since it was so last minute though, I really didn’t have time to buy a gift, so I offered to do an engagement shoot for them. Truth be told neither of us had time to do it before the wedding, but a week or two after they were married, right before I was returning to Jordan, we found some time and Elijah and I got to shoot them in their sleepy little village in Germany. It was an overcast day, quite dark and gloomy but I thought it was perfect since Krissi really likes that kind of weather and feel.  You won’t be seeing any golden hour action happening here, but I think everything about this shoot was gorgeous.

So happy for these two monkey’s and this crazy adventure they’re going on together.

IMG_9120-1  IMG_9319-1

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Brandon and Jessica + one!

Brandon and Jessica were the sweetest newlyweds with great news… they had a little bun in the oven! (I know, I couldn’t even hold it in for even a paragraph). We had so much fun shooting them in our neighbors apple orchid and we were totally blessed when the sun peeked it’s little head out from behind the clouds and gave us a beautiful golden hour to announce the great news.

Congratulations Brandon and Jessica. We wish you a healthy baby and lots of nights full of goooood long sleep (and if not that, then at least some good ol’ cat naps!)



IMG_8308-1 IMG_8288-1 IMG_8249-2

IMG_8202  IMG_8165-1     IMG_7978-1     IMG_7809-1  IMG_7766-1   IMG_7705-1 IMG_7636-1 IMG_7604-1 IMG_7585-1  IMG_7506-1





Joseph and Molly

Elijah and I had so much fun shooting Joseph and Molly, they were a riot and just kept laughing (the best couples are always the ones that laugh together!) I need not point this out, but Molly’s skin and that hair… are they to die for or what!? Not to be creepy, but I’m totally crazy about her complexion… (Okay that’s a little creepy but my excuse is that photographers notice all those nice things).
We compared wedding stories with these guys, city secrets, experiences with our puppies, heritages,  you name it! Molly even told me her skin secrets and that she’s a professional seamstress (among other things), I could seriously be this girl’s best friend.  All that to say, these two were totally down to earth, friendly and cool

IMG_5481 IMG_5625 IMG_5647 IMG_5692 IMG_5710 IMG_5727 IMG_5643-1 IMG_5844-1 IMG_5863-1 IMG_5811-1 IMG_5396-1 IMG_5615-1 IMG_5716-1

IMG_5401-1 IMG_5552-1

Julia and Darryl

I have to admit, it’s kinda amazing having a husband who just happens to be a stupendous photographer. Whenever he goes on a shoot with me he gives me great advice, lighting, angle, poses… sometimes he even steals the camera, it’s fantastic… even though  sometimes he wants to shoot a shoot I want to shoot (yes, three shoots, one sentence), sometimes I think the edit should be one way and he likes it another… oh the joys and trials of a photographer couple. It’s awesome! I love every bit of it.
So today we’re going to be featuring a shoot my amazingly, talented, wonderful husband (no bias opinion here) Elijah shot a while back.
Meet Julia and Darryl, they’re totally in love, married a year, living in Germany. I think Elijah did an incredible job of capturing exactly who they are together, just two lovebirds! This shoot turned out so romantic and personal, I hope you feel the love!



IMG_3311 IMG_3320-1 IMG_3342 IMG_3373 IMG_3467 IMG_3479 IMG_3547 IMG_3697 IMG_3747 IMG_3752 IMG_3777 IMG_3900 IMG_4016



Annie and Nathan

Soooo… as a photographer, am I allowed to have “favorite” shoots? Because if I am, this is most certainly one of them!
Annie and Nathan were absolutely awesome, married a little less than a year, Texas natives, totally photogenic… and soooo ready to do whatever I had in mind for the shoot. I could have shot these two all day! Totally serious too!
I just fell in love with their photos…. and we totally hope you do too.

IMG_2985-1 IMG_2608-1  IMG_2879-1 IMG_3032-1  IMG_2588-1 IMG_2794-1 IMG_2577-1 IMG_2942-1  IMG_3104 IMG_2862-1 IMG_3116 IMG_3122 IMG_2926IMG_2836 IMG_2919-2 IMG_3003 IMG_2862-1 IMG_2827


Emily and Steve

Meet Emily and Steve… both from Florida, living in Germany and completely in love! I had so much fun shooting these two because honestly,they just had so much fun together. Their laughter was contagious and you’ll probably see it through the pictures, this happy couple just pops off the page! I had such a great time with Emily too, I think we might have talked more than we shot (but don’t worry, we got all the right shots!)


IMG_2122 IMG_2048 IMG_2045 IMG_1919 IMG_1908



IMG_2305-1 IMG_2252 IMG_2191

IMG_2372 IMG_1811  IMG_1725-1 IMG_1724 IMG_1715



Bryan and Austin

I’d like you all to meet my younger brothers!
My mom asked Elijah and I to take my brothers out for a shoot so that she’d have some nice photos of them before Elijah and I left for the Middle East. We had such a blast shooting them! They were terribly difficult, ridiculously uncooperative and absolutely hilarious, we couldn’t stop laughing… so the best kind of photoshoot! Right!?

IMG_1384-1 IMG_1386-1 IMG_1438-1 IMG_1498-1 IMG_1246-1 IMG_1267-1 IMG_1278-1 IMG_1172-1 IMG_1180-1 IMG_1287-1 IMG_1324-1 IMG_1194-1 IMG_1227-1 IMG_1232-1 IMG_1062-1 IMG_1075-1 IMG_1109-1 IMG_1112-1 IMG_1161-1 IMG_0870-1 IMG_1303-1 IMG_1008-1   IMG_1042-1 IMG_1047-1


And lastly… just so you get a taste of what we were dealing with….


Uh… ya! Just gotta love them!


Little Amelia

I got to shoot this little lady just seven days after she was born. What a little gem she was!
She wasn’t too fond of the camera but we made it through together, with the help of Elijah (he’s kinda great with kids!)  This little lady cried a lot, the poor thing just wanted to sleep wrapped up and we just kept unwrapping her, but we got some great shots and when it was all over and done she got to finally go to sleep all bundled up and happy.

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Iain and Siona

I was blessed to visit my in-laws (brother and sister that is!) this summer in England with Elijah. While I was there we got around to doing an impromptu photoshoot. I’ve gotta say England probably has some of the prettiest countryside in the world and I think it shows in the pictures. I fell in love with this mini shoot, these two little lovebirds are just too cute.

Ash Knepper Photography © ....Ash Knepper Photography © .

Ash Knepper Photography ©


I had so much fun shooting this girl, just 17, about to get our high school and with a personality uniquely her own… we had so much fun! What was suppose to be a small shoot turned into several hours as we just kept thinking of new locations and better shots! My favorite undoubtedly has to be the shots of Hannah in her prom dress. What a great idea! Am I right? (The credit goes to her mama, mom’s always have the best ideas!) I really hope this becomes the new senior thing to do… because who doesn’t want pretty pictures in yellow fields in pretty gowns?!





IMG_7716 - Version 2